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Granite is a natural stone and is unrivaled in its aesthetic beauty and longevity. There is virtually every color and pattern imaginable and each slab is unique with its own qualities. Granite tends to have a lot of movement and texture and because Granite is a product of nature it contains inclusions, fissures, and pits due to their geological formation in the earth. These are not defects. Granite is a porous material and is sealed before installation to help prevent staining. Homeowners will need to reseal the granite in time increments based on the usage of the tops. Resealing is no more difficult then if you were just cleaning the counters and should not feel like a negative. Granite is very resistant to heat and scratches but is NOT heat and scratch proof. Trivets and cutting boards are recommended. If your project requires seams, please note that the seams will be noticeable to the eye and touch.


Granite Table

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